Call Michael Wing at:  (251) 433-7468   Mobile Criminal Defense Lawyer We Will Work to Make Your Life Better When you are going to visit a lawyer, something in your life is probably not going as planned. Whether you need a family law attorney to represent you during your divorce or a juvenile defense attorney to represent your child against criminal charges, you have probably found yourself in unexpected and unwelcome circumstances. At the Mobile, Alabama, law firm of Michael A. Wing, P.C., we understand that these may be difficult times and we will work to make them better. We help people through tough situations, providing both legal counsel and practical life advice. Contact us today to discuss your problems and discover how we can work together to find solutions. Accessible and Responsive Legal Representation One of the most common complaints lodged against attorneys is that they fail to return clients' calls or fail to communicate effectively. When you come to our firm, you won't face this problem. We will provide you with individual attention, taking both a personal and professional interest in your case. We enjoy the practice of law because it gives us the opportunity to help you. We understand that part of helping you includes communicating openly and frequently and retuning your phone calls. Try us out: Call us today at 251-433-7468. Areas of Focus We provide legal representation in a variety of practice areas. Find out more about:     * Criminal defense     * DUI/drunk driving     * Personal injury     * Divorce and family law Made with Xara Check out my answers on LAW QA to many common legal questions!
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